The next wave of outsourcing in biotechnology, with firms short of staff in the U.S. and plentiful, cheap and well-trained technicians in several Asian destinations. India and China are the giants of the field, and like them Australia offers skilled technicians and research assistants at a quarter or less of U.S. salaries combined with access to low-cost equipment and facilities. Australia has several advantages over its larger competitors, however, in that Australia hasn’t received much biotech invest to date and as a result has a large surplus of biotech graduates, compared to Bangalore where headhunting is common and turnover among biotech firms approaches 25% annually. Australia also has much better infrastructure than China or India, from basic utilities to internet access. combined with generous tax incentives for new firms (8 years automatic total tax holiday, extendable to 5 years) and strong support from the Australian government, U.S. biotechs can realize massive cost savings while establishing a new outpost to service China, India and Japan as well as their home U.S. and E.U. markets.

Delphi Health Services provides a turn-key solution for western firms seeking to establish a facility in Australia. Our staff arranges all renovations or construction for your new facility, interviews and hires staff, orders and imports equipment, sets up your computer system with video conferencing to your U.S. Offices, clears all permits, legal and accounting issues and deals with any other bureaucratic or cultural barriers you may face. You provide us with detailed specifications, and we do the rest.