Delphi Health Services is an Australian-based consulting and services firm specializing in biotechnology and medical care. Our vision is to make Australia’s advantages in the fields of biotechnology and medical care available worldwide. Through our three main divisions, Delphi assists biotechnology companies seeking to establish a manufacturing, research or processing facility in Australia; individual labs, whether industry or academy, looking to take advantage of Australia’s highly trained but inexpensive technicians with contract biotechnology services; and individuals worldwide seeking high-quality and affordable healthcare in Australia as medical tourists.

As a destination for biotechnology outsourcing, Australia combines the best of China and India while avoiding many of the problems that plague both. Australia has a surplus of skilled and experienced technicians at less than a quarter the cost of the United States, while avoiding the labor shortages and turnover of India or the rampant theft of intellectual property in China. Further, the Australian government offers an unbeatable set of incentives, including an eight year full tax holiday and 50% for another five years. Australia is also renowned as an excellent hub for firms looking to expand their market opportunities into Asia, providing services to Japan, China and India.

Delphi is pioneering the expansion of biotechnology outsourcing from the realm of large corporations to the individual researcher. Our Contract Research services allow a researcher in the United States or Europe to expand their lab affordably and in concert with their facilities in the West. Our CR labs are connected to their parent labs by video conference and our advanced computer networks, allowing the parent to expand at a quarter the cost while avoiding any administrative hassles. The CR labs are run in Delphi’s facilities and under our administration, letting even small labs focus on science while taking advantage of the phenomenon of outsourcing.